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Sport Fishing Charters

"When you charter my 31’ Bertram SPINNER, you’ll be fishing on one the most reputable 'strike boats' ever built. I use Penn International 50# class fishing equipment, which is a great match for the size range of 'food fish' we catch here in Kona waters. This will give you exciting action on every hook-up. When a 'food fish’ such as Ono, Mahi Mahi, or Tuna is caught, I will fillet it for your eating enjoyment. When a Pacific Blue Marlin is caught and fought to the boat I’ll release it to help sustain the species." Penn International 50# Reel

Fishing charters are available for 4 hours upon demand year-round. Bookings are via exclusive charter only where you can bring up to 6 passengers maximum.

7:00 AM

"Deep sea sport fishing off the coast of Kona, Hawaii is truly a special and unique experience.  Our protected leeward coastline enjoys light winds and calm, warm, deep, blue waters.  Straight out of Kona’s Honokohau Harbor the ocean’s depth increases so rapidly that by 3 miles out charter boats are in waters 1 mile deep.  This allows active fishing for all of your charter without time lost running to and from the 'fishing grounds'."  

"Big Game Sport Fish that frequent the coastal waters off the Big Island are all migratory in nature.  This offers us a diverse catch that follows the seasons of the year. In early spring the Ono or Wahoo run starts and continues thru fall.  Ono prefer ocean depths of 30-60 fathoms so sport fishing boats are near shore running the 'Ono Lane'. A little further into summer produces deep sea Tuna runs of Ahi and Aku and with them the Pacific Blue Marlin who come here to breed in our warm waters. As winter in the North Pacific takes hold our coastal waters cool providing the desired habitat for Mahi Mahi, Striped Marlin and Short-Nosed Spearfish. As these fish move in and out of Hawaiian waters seasonally, appearing and then disappearing in great numbers, some of each of them stay around throughout the whole year showing up on charter boat catch reports and dinner tables."  

"I truly enjoy taking people out on fishing charters so they can experience the rush of fighting a Big Game Sport Fish on rod and reel.  And, I hope that experience will be available for generations to come.  That’s why I fish responsibly, taking just what we can use to eat and returning the rest to the ocean to help sustain populations."

Captain Tom Bottrell

Combination Whale & Dolphin Watching, and Sport Fishing

I run fishing lines for all exclusive charters year-round when whale watching, and also during shared charters May thru November when searching for Pilot whales and dolphins.  This gives you the opportunity to experience both sport fishing and whale watching in one trip.

A Charter of Fun for the Whole Family

April thru September we can fish for 5-20 lb Tuna, as well as Mahi Mahi and Ono while still being able to spend time watching the acrobatics of the Spinner dolphins along our beautiful Kona coast.

Living Ocean Adventures

Mahi Mahi

Mahi Mahi

Ahi Tuna


Ono Catch

A nice catch of Ono

15lb Ono

His first Ono!

Exclusive 4-hour Charters $520