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Photos of Recent Encounters

Whale Watching and Sport Fishing Excursions from
Honokohau Harbor, Kona, Hawaii

Juvenile Humpback Breech Juvenile Humpback Breech

Getting some pictures of the baby Humback breeching.

Ono caught off Kona, Hawaii

Nice Ono. Photo by J.Zemel


While whale watching a shark bit the tail off this Ahi before we could boat it.


This family saw lots of Spinner dolphins, Pilot whales, and caught an Ono for dinner.

Living Ocean Adventures - Young Pilot Whales Resting

Young Pilot whales resting.

Living Ocean Adventures Ono

Birthday lady (holding dorsal fin) catches an Ono birthday present.

Living Ocean Adventures - Humpback Whale

Humpback giving us a close look.

Kona Aku

A double hookup of Aku!

Kona Ono and Bull Mahi

A beautiful bull Mahi and Ono caught during a whale watching trip.

Kona Mahi

Brothers both caught Mahi in celebration of the eldest's 16th birthday!

Kona Humpback Lunge

Humpback whale lunging into a mating pod.

Kona Mahi

A great fighting Mahi caught by a happy lady.

Kona Mahi Mahi

Caught her first Mahi while Humpback whale watching.

Juvenile Humback Whales Waving

A double pec wave from 4-juvenile Humpbacks buzzing the boat.

Humpback Whales

Early Season - "Hello, we're back!", from the Humpys.


This Arizona family fought and released a 250 lb. Marlin and had fresh Ono for dinner.

Whale Shark

This is a Whale Shark, which is a slow filter feeding shark that is the largest living fish species often growing to 40' or longer. Whale Sharks are usually solitary and rarely seen in groups unless feeding at locations with an abundance of food.

Ono caught during Whale Watching

A family whale watching excursion with sightings of pilot whales and dolphins. Caught 2-Ono, and caught & released a 150 lb. Marlin!

Juvenile Humpback Whale

Same juvenile Humpy doing mock mating behavior with us... practicing for when he becomes a big boy.

30lb Mahi Mahi

October trip with dolphins, juvenile whale shark, and 30lb Mahi!

Whale Sounds

Long Cry
Haunting Cry

Photos in our Harbor and along the Kona Coast

Spinner entering Honokohau Harbor


Juvenile Humpback - Kona

A juvenile Humpback makes a close pass while we're stopped.

Pilot Whale - Kona

A curious Pilot whale passes close by.

Squid off Kona - 3'

A 3-ft. squid found on the surface while on a pelagic bird watching excursion.

Baby Humpback off Kona Hawaii

While stopped, waiting for a mother and baby Humpback to surface in our area, the baby surprised us.

Living Ocean Adventures - Humpback Tail Slapping

Humpback tail slapping.

Living Ocean Adventures Ahi

His 28 lb. Ahi caught while doing a family whale watch.

Spinner Dolphins off Kona

Spinner dolphins off the bow.

Kona Ahi (Yellowfin Tuna) 27lb

27 lb. Ahi (Yellowfin tuna) caught while whale watching.

Juvenile Humpback diving in Kona

Juvenile Humpback

25lb Aku (Skipjack Tuna)

A happy fisherman with his 25 lb. Aku (Skipjack tuna).

Outrigger Canoe in Kona

Outrigger canoe paddler gets a lift from our wake out of Honokohau Harbor.

Humpback whale astern

Humpback whale coming up astern to visit.

Juvenile Humpback Bubble-Blast

A Juvenile Humpback bubble-blasting us.

Humpback Mother and Baby

Humpback whale mother with baby.

Monk Seal Asleep

An endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal taking a snooze.

Green Sea Turtles

Green Sea Turtles.

Bottlenose Dolphins

Bottlenose Dolphins.

Kona Sunrise

Kona Sunrise.

Whale Tail

Whale Tail.

Female Pilot Whale

Female Pilot Whale.

Kona Spinner Dolphins

Spinner Dolphins off our bow.

Big Ono caught in Kona

Big Ono